Common Questions

What is Co-Parent Counseling?

 In co-parent counseling, I teach parenting practices that serve their child’s best interests. This is accomplished through education and behavioral coaching techniques. While I may work individually with each parent at the onset, when tensions can run high, the goal is that we ultimately meet together. Since parenting lasts a lifetime, regardless of divorce or separation, it is optimal for both parents to work together to lay the foundation for their child’s brightest future.

What is a Parenting Coordinator PC (formerly Special Master)?

 A parenting coordinator works with parents to create and maintain a cooperative parenting plan (see more parenting plans below). As a neutral party, parents can turn to their parenting coordinator over child-related disputes. Note that the services of a parenting coordinator are almost always more accessible and less costly than going to court.

How Does Mediation Work?

 Mediation is a highly structured process aimed at resolving issues, for example divorce and custody arrangements, on your terms. The mediator is a neutral person who facilitates a dialogue to address the issue rather than the person. People who choose mediation are 80% more likely to be satisfied with divorce/custody arrangements than those who pursue litigation.

What is a Parenting Plan?

 A parenting plan may be court or non-court ordered to assist parents engaged in high-conflict separation or divorce. This detailed document allocates the time the children will spend with each parent, how decisions will be made, and how parenting responsibilities will be shared. For example, it addresses holidays, school(s) to be attended, extracurricular activities, medical practices, childcare and how transfers will be handled.

A good parenting plan is written to support what is developmentally appropriate and in the best interests for the child. It helps remove the guesswork from unforeseen circumstances, and provides predictability for both the child and the parents. A child who knows in advance whom they will be with and what they will be doing feels more secure, stable and self confident.

Can you tell me about your consultations?

 During a consultation, I gather information about your situation and offer solutions to help achieve your goals. These solutions might include: the presentation of academic research related to divorce and separation, the development of a parenting plan, recommendations for additional services, and coaching behaviors.